Barn with a painted roof in rural Pennsylvania along the September 11th Trail

Put your walking, running, or cycling miles to work:
Complete a virtual tour of the September 11th National Memorial Trail.

Looking for motivation to get out there walking, running, or biking? Join us in touring the September 11th Trail virtually and we’ll cheer you on over the course of 1,300 miles.

You’ll begin at the austere, two-acre September 11th Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. From here you’ll head northwest, beginning a clockwise tour of the roughly triangle-shaped September 11th National Memorial Trail. The multi-use route connects the three national September 11th memorial sites: the Pentagon; the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; and the museum and reflecting pools at the World Trade Center in New York City.

In between you’ll pass the Antietam and Gettysburg battlefields. You’ll travel along beautiful canal paths and urban greenways. In Pennsylvania you’ll count hundreds of rural miles and climb some foothills. On the last of three legs, you’ll check off major cities: New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and your finish in Washington, DC.

How it works

  1. Recruit your spouse and/or your kids, your neighbors and friends with social distancing, or go it alone, committing to covering 1,300 miles.
  2. Sign up here — it’s quick and easy.
  3. Bike, run, or walk anywhere, any time, and log your miles however you prefer to — on your phone, on paper, etc.
  4. Download the Trail tracker to keep track of where you are on the 9-11 Trail based on your mileage. Click the links to learn about featured sites that you are passing; click the photo links to enjoy some sights.
  5. Let us know when you complete each of the three legs, reaching one of the September 11 Memorial sites, and we’ll send you free commemorative swag.
  6. Share your miles on Facebook and Instagram. Tag us in your photos as you travel (even if it’s just on your treadmill). Use the hashtag #911virtualtour so we can share your posts.

Leg 1: Arlington, VA, to Shanksville, PA. 246 miles

From the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, follow the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal trail, a national historic park, along the Potomac River, then climb into Pennsylvania along the Great Allegheny Passage. The leg finishes at the Flight 93 Memorial.

Leg 2: Shanksville, PA, to New York City: 709 miles; 955 total

Head north and east through Pennsylvania, passing Johnstown and following the Lower Trail. At Harrisburg, you’ll swing south for a loop to take in historic Gettysburg before using the Lebanon Valley and D&L Trails to get to New Jersey. Further east, we pick up several off-road trails: Paulinskill Valley Trail, Sussex Branch Trail, Patriots Path and Lenape Trail. A ferry ride takes you across the Hudson River and to the September 11 Memorial in lower Manhattan at the site of the twin towers.

Leg 3: New York City to Washington, D.C.: 401 miles; 1,356 total

Our most urban leg still features plenty of quiet trail, including two historic canal trails in New Jersey — the Delaware & Raritan and the Delaware & Lehigh. Enjoy traveling along the banks of the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers as you pass through Philadelphia, then on to Delaware and Baltimore. The Baltimore & Annapolis Trail takes you almost all the way to the picturesque harbor town of Annapolis before you finish in Washington, DC, including traveling along the National Mall to take in monuments and the Smithsonian Museum’s striking buildings.

About the tracker

Bicycle tourists Eric Brenner and Wayne Clark created the virtual tour tracker, documenting the miles and featured sights after they biked the entire September 11th Trail in 2018. Brenner serves on the board of the nonprofit September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance and Clark serves on its advisory board.