Bruce Dwyer


Bruce Dwyer, Alexandria Virginia: Bruce is retired but remains active as a bicycle and trails enthusiast and advocate as well as a part time election official. Volunteer positions he has held over the last 15 years include: Chair of the Alexandria Bicycle Committee, First President of the Board of BikeWalk Virginia, and Interim Executive Director of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA). For 22 years he cycled and volunteered on Bike Virginia holding team leader positions for road monitors, safety, signage, and finally all route planning for the 2008 and 2009 rides. He also assisted in route planning projects in France, Austria, and Denmark, as well as local routes for the Bike and Roll tour company. Among his friends he is noted for his Tour de Monuments rides exploring the highlights and off-the-beaten path treasures of Washington. He and his wife Linda typically include bicycling, especially rail trails, as a focus of their vacations. Highlights include the Great Allegheny Passage, C&O Canal Towpath, Blue Ridge Parkway, Natchez Trace, Missouri’s Katy, South Dakota’s Mickelson, Ohio’s Little Miami, Georgia’s Silver Comet, Alabama’s Chief Ladiga, and most of the trails in Virginia and Florida. With this background he looks forward to working on the 911 Memorial Trail.

Bruce Dwyer
915 Bernard Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314